Pistons, Page 1

Pistons, Page 1
Supertech, Accralite, CP, Wiseco and ACL pistons are available regularily from us. Other brands are available by special order.

Supertech pistons on sale from 695.00 €

175item(s)on sale from 695.00 €
Supertech pistons
Supertech pistons design: More than 40 years of experience in the design of racing pistons and the utilization of the latest CAD software & Finite Element Analysis (FAE) enables us to design strong high performance and yet light pistons for each application.Manufacturing: Pistons are manufactured in Argentina with technology transferred from European manufacturers.Our pistons are manufactured from extruded high silicon, enhanced 4032 alloy (with additional Cu, Ni & Mg) that has low thermal expansion, exce
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