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Products from the Quaife dog engagement gearboxes to limited slip differentials and short shifters from brands like Quaife, Race.Fi, Gripper, Tran-X, Kaaz and Cusco.

Quaife ATB limited slip differentials from 954.50 €

Quaife ATB limited slip differentials
Quaife ATB limited slip differential is the best street & trackday diff available. Quaife differentials are silent, reliable and come with a lifetime warranty. Works like a charm on a daily and with traction control, and if necessary transforms it into a track monster. BMW and Mercedes Quaife differentials are also listed.

Differentials, transmission parts and short shifters

LSD differentials and short shifters

An LSD differential offers you traction when you need it, reduces pulling on FWD cars and makes RWD cars more predictable. A short shifter is one of easiest upgrades which makes driving a lot more fun.
These, and other parts like axle support bearings and rubber flexplates are found in this category.