Transmission & differential, Page 1

Transmission & differential, Page 1

Differentials, transmission parts and short shifters

LSD differentials and short shifters

An LSD differential offers you traction when you need it, reduces pulling on FWD cars and makes RWD cars more predictable. A short shifter is one of easiest upgrades which makes driving a lot more fun.
These, and other parts like axle support bearings and rubber flexplates are found in this category.

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Quaife ATB differentials from 709.00 €

969item(s)from 709.00 €
Quaife ATB differentials
Quaife ATB is the best street & trackday limited slip differential available. It is silent, reliable and comes with a lifetime warranty. Works like a charm on a daily and if neccessary transforms it into a track monster. BMW and Mercedes differentials are now also listed here.

Cusco differentials from 1200.00 €

616item(s)from 1200.00 €
Cusco differentials
Cusco Type-RS LSD is available in 1, 1.5 and 2 way -settings. Type-RS LSD is most suited to the street, whereas the Type-MZ is suited to the track.With the Type-RS, the initial torque is absorbed by the RS springs therefore the initial torque comes on gently compared to the Type-MZ which comes on stronger as it uses cone plates and response of the LSD is better, as the friction is lower.We offer other limited slip differentials as well. You can also check these: Quaife limited slip differentials, Kaaz limit

Kaaz LSD differentials from 755.00 €

492item(s)from 755.00 €
Kaaz LSD differentials
Kaaz is a well-known differential brand and offers reasonably priced differentials for many popular cars like Nissan, Toyota, BMW and VAG-brands.You can select the unit by selecting your car first, and then choosing appropriate transmission and differential types which your car has.If you find it hard to choose, please contact our sales for assistance!We offer other limited slip differentials as well. You can also check these: Quaife limited slip differentials, Cusco limited slip differentials, Tran-X l

Gripper LSD / plate-type differentials from 509.00 €

73item(s)from 509.00 €
Gripper LSD / plate-type differentials
An LSD, also called a locking differential enables better traction, as opposed to an open diff, it enables engine power to be transferred to both wheels.Gripper differentials Gripper plate-type differentials, designed for competition uses, are available in three different combos of ramp angles: 30/65, 40/65 or 45/45 deg. Add your choice of ramps to the order details at checkout.These units are servicable, and service parts are also available from us.A good oil to use with Gripper differentials is Red L

Gripper service kits from 54.90 €

5item(s)from 54.90 €
Gripper service kits
Service kits for gripper differentials. Plate sizes small, medium and large. These take care of 99% of gripper lsd unit builds. Extra-Large is also available from special order, if needed. Please contact our sales if you are inquiring extra-large plates.Kit includes: 6 x standard internal toothed plates 1.5mm thick. 6 x standard external toothed plates 1.5mm thick.2 x Belleville sprint washer2 x shim plates 1.7mm thick 2 x shim plates 2.0mm thick (to allow custom build of the preload pressure)

ARP flywheel bolts from 48.90 €

8item(s)from 48.90 €
ARP flywheel bolts
ARP flywheel bolts are reusable and wont stretch. These are a good option to add when upgrading a clutch or building a high-power engine.All other ARP bolts are also available. We also carry clutch brands like Clutch Masters, Sachs SRE, Black Diamond and Xtreme Clutch. The most popular Sachs SRE clutch covers, release bearings and braided clutch hoses are also a part of our selection.

Quaife 34G 6-speed sequential FWD gearbox from 0.00 €

1item(s)from 0.00 €
Quaife 34G 6-speed sequential FWD gearbox
Narrower than 32G for compact installation. 89mm shaft centres. 13.5mm wide gears. Maximum recommended 250bhp. Straight cut or helical gear options Straight cut gears. Quaife ATB or optional plate type differential. Hydraulic clutch release bearing assy. All other specifications as 32GGear ratios1st2nd3rd4th5th6th 2.6151.9371.6611.3501.1601.036straight cut 3.1052.1601.7241.3941.1350.975helicalFinal drives3.1003.8244.1254.4674.8575.308straight cut 2.9173.7143.950helical

Quaife 32G 6-speed sequential FWD on sale from 789.00 €

2item(s)on sale from 789.00 €
Quaife 32G 6-speed sequential FWD
Straight cut gears with open face dog engagement. 89mm shaft centres. 16.5mm wide gears. Maximum recommended 295bhp. Compact drum-type sequential design for faster gearshift. Quaife ATB or optional plate type differential.Large choice of final drive ratios. 100mm or tripod output flanges. Remote gearlever with optional length operating cables. Hydraulic clutch release bearing assy. Huge range of bellhousings to suit many applications.Gear ratios (base set)1st2nd3rd4th5th6th 2.6151.9371.6111.35

Quaife 87G 4X4 6-speed sequential extra heavy duty gearbox from 17199.00 €

1item(s)from 17199.00 €
Quaife 87G 4X4 6-speed sequential extra heavy duty gearbox
Dog engagement straight cut, sequential only. Oil pump incorporated within the unit. 90mm shaft centres. Integral in-line transfer assembly. Offset gearlever, right hand/left hand. Various ratios available.Quaife or plate type diff included. Bellhousing for RS500 from stock. Bellhousings for other applications modified in-house at Quaife. Optional hydraulic clutch release bearing assy. Optional digital gear position indicator.Gear ratios1st2nd3rd4th5th6th 2.4351.8581.4941.2681.1161.000supr 1:1

Quaife 86G Land Rover 5/6 speed sequential gearbox from 12099.00 €

1item(s)from 12099.00 €
Quaife 86G Land Rover 5/6 speed sequential gearbox
Uses standard Land Rover / Range Rover transfer box. Dog engagement straight cut, sequential only. 90mm shaft centres. Oil pump integrated within the unit. Offset gear lever, right hand/left hand. V8 bellhousings available to suite. Compatible with existing diff lock mechanism. Increased strength reverse gear.Gear ratios1st2nd3rd4th5th6th 3.0791.8241.3061.0000.7800.632 2.6531.7901.3061.0000.780

Quaife 60G Heavy duty in-line 6-speed RWD sequential gearbox from 10899.00 €

1item(s)from 10899.00 €
Quaife 60G Heavy duty in-line 6-speed RWD sequential gearbox
The Quaife heavy duty inline 6-speed sequential gear box has also been developed with the Ford Type 9 user in mind, incorporating a modular gear cluster with open face dog design on both gear and drive disc allowing easier interchangeability. The drum type sequential gearchange system produces a positive gearshift engagement with gearlever position options. An intelligent paddle shift system & a digital gear position indicator unit are available on request.Available as direct or overdrive top. Open face dog de