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Cooling & lubrication, Page 1

Radiators, water pumps, filters and other cooling & lubrication products

Lubrication & oil cooling

Oilcoolers and their hardware like filters are all available from us, and the common items are regularily stocked.

Engine cooling, water pumps and thermostats

When a car is driven hard, it also needs proper cooling because one third of the fuel burnt is transferred into heat. We offer aluminum radiators, high pressure caps, water pumps and thermostats which help to keep the temperatures down in harsh conditions.

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Davies Craig electronic water pumps from 13.00 €

16item(s)from 13.00 €
Davies Craig electronic water pumps
EWP80 - suitable for most small and medium sized engines, up to around 2.5 litres/200HP. The EWP80 is the most flexible pump in terms of mounting configurations. EWP115 - for higher power and tuned engines in the 200-350HP range. Available with either glass-filled nylon 66 or alloy body. The performance of the two pumps is identical, but the alloy body can be hard mounted and so is more suitable for rough treatment eg. in rally cars. EWP150 - suits very high powered engines, race cars, very hard working 4x4

Mishimoto transmission coolers from 54.00 €

6item(s)from 54.00 €
Mishimoto transmission coolers
Universal mounting for use in any applicationEfficient, lightweight, tube-and-fin design promotes dramatic fluid temperature drops 3/8" push-on fittings for ease of installationIncludes 5 ft of durable rubber hose, a universal mounting kit, and 4 worm-gear clampsApplicable for use with transmission fluid, power steering fluid, engine oil, and a variety of other automotive fluids

Race.Fi oilcoolers 13 and 25 rows from 79.00 €

2item(s)from 79.00 €
Race.Fi oilcoolers 13 and 25 rows
The Race.Fi oil coolers are ideal for engine, transmission or diff coolers. The oil coolers also fit our filter relocation kits and our oil coolers kits.Pipe fitting: AN8 Stock sizes 13 and 25 row coolers.13-row cooler Core-size: Height 100mm, width 290mm. Overall size: Height 130mm, width 330mm.25-row cooler Core-size: Height 200mm, width 290mm. Overall size: Height: 230mm, width 330mm.In addition you might also be interested in our oil filter relocation kit or the oil cooler kit which include

Redline racing engine oils from 24.70 €

2item(s)from 24.70 €
Redline racing engine oils
Motor oil for racing Reformulated for improved frictional properties. Special detergents for improved lubricity and less detonation. Polyol ester base stocks provide more stability and film strength when exposed to excess fuel dilution. Each of these products has no less than 2200ppm of zinc and phosphorus for antiwear.SAE 2 (0W) - Only for drag racing SAE 5 (0W) - Only for drag racing SAE 10 (0W10) - Only for drag racing SAE 20(5W20) - Drag racing, track and other racingengines. SAE 30(10W30) - For racin

Oil filter relocation kit from 169.00 €

1item(s)from 169.00 €
Oil filter relocation kit
Oil filter relocation and oil cooler kit. Our kit includes the hardware needed to relocate oil filter, and if neccessary intall an oil cooler.The kit includes two flanges, one which bolts in place of the original filter, and one which the filter is relocated to. Three braided hoses are included, so if you wish an oil cooler can also be installed.The flange has two 1/8 NPT sensor holes, where sensors for oil pressure and temperature gauges can be installed. AN8 fittings.The kit is compatible with cars

Oil cooler kit from 129.00 €

1item(s)from 129.00 €
Oil cooler kit
Easy installation of an oil cooler with our oil cooler kit.Race.Fi oil cooler kit The oil cooler kit flange installs under the original oil filter. Two 1.5M long braided hoses allow flexible mounting points for the actual cooler.Two 1/8NPT sensor holes are available for mounting oil pressure and temperature sensors. The flange fits cars which have M20 or 3/4-16UNF filter threads. Most cars in other words. Fittings AN8.In addition you might also be interested in our oil coolers. If you also want to relo

Redline water wetter coolant additive from 22.90 €

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Redline water wetter coolant additive
Water Wetter is a unique additive which increases cooling ability of the heat transfer fluid, lowering its temperature up to 18 ° C.Water Wetter corrosion protection for all major metals (except magnesium) and lubricates the water pump seals. In addition, it prevents foaming, cavitation corrosion and scale formation water environments. Compatible with the silicate anti-freeze.USE: One bottle is added to 10 to 15 liters of coolant (one scale interval liters).

Mishimoto jäähdytin Honda Civic 92-00 poisto on sale from 241.20 €

1item(s)on sale from 241.20 €
Mishimoto jäähdytin Honda Civic 92-00 poisto
Auton jäähdytin huolehtii moottorin jäähdytinnesteen jäähdyttämisestä. Jääkylmä – tai kuuma – totuus on että noin 1/3 moottorissa palavan polttoaineen energiasta muuttuu lämmöksi, osa kuluu mekaanisiin hävikkeihin, ja vain jäljelle jäävä osuus saadaan tehona joka liikuttaa autoa.Jos moottorin tehot tuplataan, myös sen tuottama lämpö tuplaantuu jolloin alkuperäinen jäähdytin on riittämätön. Jäähdytin toimii myös eräänlaisena reservinä kylmälle vedelle. Kun autolla ajetaan normaalia ajoa esimerkiksi kaupungissa,

Amsoil engine oils from 13.80 €

27item(s)from 13.80 €
Amsoil engine oils
Amsoil Synthetic Marine Engine Oil Synthetic Marine Engine Oil on premium-luokan synteettinen moottoriöljy eritoten venemoottoreihin. Suunniteltu jatkuville korkeille kierrosluvuille ja kuormitukselle. Lisänä tuhti lisäainepaketti, joka suojaa ruosteelta ja korroosiolta. Vaihtoväliksi perämoottoreissa ja vesijeteissä suositellaan valmistajan vaihtoväliä, sisä- jä sisäperämoottoreissa 2 x valmistajan vaihtoväliä tai kerran vuodessa.Hyväksynnät API SM, NMMA FC-W, JASO MASopivuudet 10W30 Honda, Mercury, Yam

Thermostatic sandwich plate, Mishimoto from 139.00 €

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Thermostatic sandwich plate, Mishimoto
A thermostatic oil sandwich plate prevents oil from cooling too much in daily driven cars, and helps the engine to heat to operating temperature quicker.Thermostat opening temperature 85 °C. Height approx. 30mm. O-ring (compare to oil filter O-ring) diameter 61mm. Two 1/8NPT sensor fittings.Flanges are available with M20 and M22 threads. The sandwich plate is installed under the oil filter. Before opening temperature, the sandwich plate routs oil only through the filter, and after opening temperature oil

Mishimoto in-line oil thermostat from 160.00 €

1item(s)from 160.00 €
Mishimoto in-line oil thermostat
Universal fitment with a compact design, perfect for use on custom projects where space or clearance is a constraint Includes 85C internal thermostat which accurately regulates fluid temperatures.Thermostat unit is easily removed and can be replaced with optional temperatures of 71C or 93CMachined from billet 6061 CNC aluminum.Includes four -10AN fittings with high-quality seals for leak free operation Included heat-sink provides unique styling and a reduction in fluid temperatures Universal mounting

Mishimoto Water Temperature Sensor Adapter from 31.00 €

5item(s)from 31.00 €
Mishimoto Water Temperature Sensor Adapter
The Mishimoto water temperature sensor adapter allows you to place the water temperature sensor directly within the radiator hose. By placing the sensor in the hose and thus directly in the path of the water to the radiator, you are ensuring the most accurate reading possible. Being able to accurately gauge the temperature of the water aids in preventing overheating

Castrol 10w40 GTX Motor oil from 10.90 €

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Castrol 10w40 GTX Motor oil
Viscosity: 10W40 Type: Engine oilCastrol GTX 10W-40 A3 / B4 is suitable for use in automotive gasoline and diesel engines where the manufacturer recommends ACEA A3 / B3, A3 / B4 or API SL / CF 10W-40 lubricant.Castrol GTX 10W-40 A3 / B4 is approved for vehicles that require the MB-Approval 229.1 and VW 501 01/505 00 classifications in accordance with the oil.

K&N Oil filters from 9.00 €

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K&N Oil filters
K&N oil filters for premium cars and motorcycles are quickly reached consumers, the popularity of its durability and easy removal thanks. Most of the filters from the nut is facilitating disconnecting.Extremely durable filter for extremely demanding use For the K & N oil filter to fulfill the requirements of racing use, in many aspects, and the filter characteristics of the attached special attention. The shell material of the filter is normal thicker, so that the stones breakages et al. Strikes would be small