Head & timing, Page 1

Head & timing, Page 1

Camshafts, timing parts and head components

Make that engine breethe

The engine is essentially an air pump, which is controlled by valves in the head. Camshafts make the biggest improvement on naturally aspirated engines, and change the characteristics of turbocharged engine drastically. Camshafts alone aren't always enough, so that's why springs, lifters and stronger valves are needed.

The stiffer the head, the more the timing belt is stressed. Making sure nothing will break at 9000rpm is a cheap insurance for an expensive engine.

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Cat Cams camshafts from 459.00 €

187item(s)from 459.00 €
Cat Cams camshafts
The CatCams performance camshafts are a proven choice ranging from mild street cams to full fledged race cams. The camshafts are made in Belgium, and most popular models are available readily on the shelf. Rarer parts are available made-on-order in 2 to 6 weeks.Camshafts specs are always listed with intake first, then exhaust. F.ex a 275' / 268' degree 11.5 mm / 10.45 mm lift kit consists of a 275' intake shaft with 11.5mm lift and a 268' exhaust shaft with 10.45mm lift. The shafts are always sold and priced as
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ARP Head bolts from 193.90 €

8item(s)from 193.90 €
ARP Head bolts
Head bolts / studs A crucial component in the engine, which keeps the head and head gasket in a constant proper tension. Most original bolts are intended for single use.ARP Head bolts ARP's bolts are reusable, and are the strongest bolt available on the market. To avoid head gasket problems in any high power build, these are an essential part on any engine.We offer all ARP bolts quickly, the most popular items are listed here. If you dont see your application on the list, please ask our sales.All othe
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