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From this category you will find adjustable control arms for many car models. Adjustable arms are available for example from, Eibach, Whiteline, Cusco and Wisefab.

Powerflex adjustable rear lower control arm kit, BMW E46/E36 252.00 €

Powerflex adjustable rear lower control arm kit, BMW E46/E36
Powerflex camber arms: adjustable and durable Powerflex adjustable arms have a wide adjustment range which is sufficient for lowered cars and custom wheel angle setups. The joints are either hard rubber, or in most cases uniball joints with dust boots. Our arms are suitable for the track and regular road use.Camber is the angle between the vertical axis of the wheel and the vertical axis of the vehicle when viewed from the front or rear. Camber affects tire wear and traction.Adjustment range: +1.0° to -3.0

Wisefab track link kits from 558.00 €

Wisefab track link kits
BMW E30/E36 Front A-arm for Rally • Made of high strength steel that makes it over 1,5 times stronger and slighly lighter than OEM, but at the same time it is designed to have similar stiffness as OEM to avoid peak loads on other suspension components and subframe. • 12mm wider per side, • Assembled with OEM Lemförder or SWAG joints • Zink coatedBMW E36 Complete Rear Axle for Rally • The main idea with Wisefab axle is to have better kinematics for long stroke and soft suspension and therefore more rear g
Proper wheel alignment made easy - adjustable control arms. In addition to allowing a wide range of adjustment, uniball control arms also take out a lot of play from bushings.

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