EBC discs, Page 1

EBC discs, Page 1

EBC brakediscs

Availability: most discs stock or 1-2 days, factory order 1-2 weeks.
Price: Ask a quote from our sales.

Ultimax Plain Rotors

Ultimax plain rotors dont have grooves or holes, and are a very good OEM replacement.

Turbo Groove

EBC turbo groove discs are drilled and grooved. The grooves and holes remove dust and gasses from the disc surface effectively. The holes are not completely drilled, so the problem with cracking holes doesnt happen with EBC discs.

Ultimax BlackDash

The groove form on Ultimax discs make them more silent than Turbo Groove discs, but still offer the same benefits of removing gas and dust from between the disc and pads.

We offer EBC for very competitive prices. Please ask our sales for more information!
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