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Ferodo brake pads

Ferodo is well known for powerful competition pads. With experience from rally- and track series Ferodo has made different friction materials to suit different needs. In addition to competition pads Ferodo also offers OEM-quality street pads.

Suitable pads for your car can be found here: Ferodo applications. Additional information about the pads can be found here www.ferodoracing.com

DS Performance pads - street and trackdays

DS Performance pad characteristics:
High friction (approx. 0.46)
Lower wear on disc
Lower dust
Good feel on brakes
Low heat transfer to calipers

Ferodo codex explained

The product code starts with the type of pad (PCF or PRP), the part number which tells the dimensions, and the suffix for the friction material.

FCP = Ferodo Civil Pad,
Suitable for stock calipers.
FRP = Ferodo Racing Pad,
Suitable for competition calipers.

Friction material suffixes
H = DS2500
C = 4003
R = DS3000
M = DS3000+03
W = DS1.11
X = DS2.11