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Oils & supplies, Page 6

Heat wraps, oils, oil and fuel additives as well as all kinds of treatments and goods. This category houses brands like Thermotec, Castrol, Red Line, RVS and Amsoil.

Kamasa brake fluid tester 28.80 €

Kamasa brake fluid tester
Pen shaped test tool, which is easy to check whether the brake fluid accumulated in the water. Shockproof design. Made with the relevant EU Directive. Intended for two types of DOT, DOT 3, DOT 4 May diode detector. Powered by 1 x 1.5V AAA. The brake fluid tester measures the brake fluid boiling point.

Kamasa wiper puller set, K 10176 55.90 €

Kamasa wiper puller set, K 10176
A specially designed pair of two arm, this extraction tool is suitable for most car models. Prevents damage to wiper arm. Universal windscreen wiper arm removal tool has two regular pairs, so that it can be used in a variety of windscreen wiper arms.

Glues, oils, additives, cleaning products & other goodies

Thermotec keeps heat where you want, RVS revives a worn out engine or transmission. K&N recharger kits make cleaning the air filter a walk in the park, and of course Red Line oils lubricate in even extreme conditions. These - and other handy products are found here.