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Magnaflow performance catalytic converters, gasoline 2" - 3" from 137.00 €

5item(s)from 137.00 €
Magnaflow performance catalytic converters, gasoline 2" - 3"
Clean power with a Magnaflow catalyzer A catalyzer cleans exhaust gasses flowing through it, however most original units are clogged and considerably restrict flow thus further restricting the power of the engine.Free flowing exhaust and minimum emissions? Thats not a daydream, thats a Magnaflow catalyzer. Magnaflow power catalyzers are a must for all serious exhaust upgrades or a DIY exhaust build.In fact, the original catalyzer is usually the most restrictive part of an original exhaust, so you will noti
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Turbosmart eBoost2 boost controllers from 682.00 €

3item(s)from 682.00 €
Turbosmart eBoost2 boost controllers
The most versatile and most professional electronic boost controller.Turbo Smart eBoost2 controls the charging pressures watch closely all the way over to the bar until 4. This is not a unit of vertical.The unit adjusts the pressure of many different characteristics with, it also controls where necessary, eg. Water injection, nitrous oxide, or accessory pressure, RPM, speed, etc. On the basis of. The device takes care of all essential pressures which even remotely related.Diameter: 60mmThe adjusta
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Turbosmart In-Cabin boost controllers from 124.00 €

2item(s)from 124.00 €
Turbosmart In-Cabin boost controllers
Turbo Smart In-Cabin boost pressure A unique ball-valve structure decorated with Turbo Smart in-cabin boost pressure. This construction allows the pressure to rise quickly to set the value of bypass leakages and does not cause pressure rise. Remains exactly swinging without direction or the other.This valve is accompanied by a series connection and pipes, which allow you to adjust the pressure from the cab, even while driving.
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Turbosmart car specific dumps from 174.00 €

22item(s)from 174.00 €
Turbosmart car specific dumps
Turbo Smart Vee-port pro blow-off valves Simple and functional basic dump valve, almost anywhere turbo car.Turbosmart collection making a simple basic model is the role of Vee-Port, guaranteed Turbo Smart technology, meaning the exact job tracking and strong materials.is recommended. 150-450hp turbo enginesTurbosmart Super Sonic blow-off valves Turbo Smart Super Sonic is a high succulent voice in the world equipped with a rigid dumpGuaranteed Turbo Smart quality, the best materials, to preci
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Turbosmart Dual-port Blow-off valves from 372.00 €

4item(s)from 372.00 €
Turbosmart Dual-port Blow-off valves
Turbosmart Dual-port blow-off valves Dual-port is the market's most useful dumps, because it has four dump in one package. You can choose to use it out when entering, recycle, or both at once.In some cars out of the dump may be reached mess mixtures exchange situation, too rich, but a little hiss and fights would in mind. Dual port to handle both the ropes, gets the feeling coefficient and recycle at the same time part of the air circulation, keeping the car's engine management satisfaction.is recommende
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Turbosmart internal car specific wastegates from 162.00 €

34item(s)from 162.00 €
Turbosmart internal car specific wastegates
Mitsubishi Evo Internal Wastegate Actuator (IWG) provides better turbo response and greater sensitivity when managing boost pressures. Designed as a direct bolt-on replacement for the factory part, the Mitsubishi Evo IWG is easy to install and requires no special tools or fabrication. It can’t get any easier!FEATURES:• Silicone diaphragm with Nomex reinforcement to withstand high temperatures.• High grade, billet aluminium construction.• Stainless steel rods and connecting clevis for corrosion res
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Turbosmart fuel pressure regulators from 232.00 €

8item(s)from 232.00 €
Turbosmart fuel pressure regulators
TURBO SMART fuel pressure regulators One of the most accurate and highest quality fuel pressure controls.The collection smallest models are suitable for 800 hp. In the robust models can go up to + 3000HV.Controls include connections to the fuel pressure gauge, does not include the meter.Turbo Smart FPR-800 - 1 / 8NPT connections with mounting accessories. - The pressure control 30-70PSI (approx. 2-5bar) - The so-called linear. "Direct" control - Suitable for motors up to about 800hvTurbo
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Exhaust T-bolt clamps from 10.00 €

5item(s)from 10.00 €
Exhaust T-bolt clamps
T-bolt clamps Clamps are stainless steel and ensure and even pressure around the pipe, preventing crushing and jamming.These are basically the slimmest way to fasten an exhaust pipe and can be used in very tight compartments. The millimeter size is an exact figure, where the inch size is the common exhaust diameter the clamp is intended to be used with.We stock all T-bolt clamps in our shop.
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