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Gauges, engine management, sensors and other hardware

You will find all electronics like gauges, sensors, diagnostic tools, wideband kits as well as bodyparts in this category.

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Bosch Light-Star Halogen LED-ring, clear from 255.00 €

1item(s)from 255.00 €
Bosch Light-Star Halogen LED-ring, clear
Bosch Light-Star halogen High Beams with a led circle, clear glass. Diameter 209mm and reference rating 17,5. Price per piece including a bulb.Product information Diameter: 209mm Width [mm]: 210 mm Height [mm]: 260 mm Bulb: H1/H3 Installation: Surface Depth [mm]: 149 mm Voltage [V]: 12 V Range: 275 m Reference number: 17,5Note about installing extra headlights Applies to Finnish regulations. A car can have extra headlights which are located between the low beams. The combined reference
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Schroth seatbelts from 149.00 €

10item(s)from 149.00 €
Schroth seatbelts
Schroth belts Over 60 years of experience, Schroth belts produces nearly all types of use.Auto Control II: * Schroth asm autocontrol II seat belt for street use * Shoulder strap and hip belt width of 2 "(50mm) * Shoulder strap roller locks automatically jerks * E-ApprovedAuto Control III: * Schroth asm autocontrol III belt for street use * The shoulder belt width 3 "(75mm) * Lumbar belt width of 2 "(50mm) * Shoulder strap roller locks automatically jerks * E-Approved      Also the shoulder
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Vems EGT sensor (K-type) from 80.00 €

1item(s)from 80.00 €
Vems EGT sensor (K-type)
This a K-type thermocouple used on the Vems gauges and many engine managements. Range 0 - 1250 C.This is a strong sensor with a 6mm body, ideal for Turbo use and very hot conditions.Only the sensor tip, 10 to 15mm, should be in the exhaust stream. The thermocopuple cable can handle 250 C of heat.Thermocouple polarity The polarity on a thermocouple is important, because reverse polarity can damage the sensor. On the Vems K-Type thermocouple the green wire on the thermocouple cable go on the + side, and
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Gauge pod for 2 gauges Nissan 350Z Z33 from 229.00 €

2item(s)from 229.00 €
Gauge pod for 2 gauges Nissan 350Z Z33
A revolutionary gauge pod design capable of housing BOTH 52mm AND 60mm gauges. This patent pending design is clearly setting new standards in pod technology.*Universal kits for housing BOTH 52mm AND 60mm gauges *Integrated Cable Management System (CMS) *Precision injected molded construction *High impact ABS plastic *Quality fit and finish *UV additives for protection *Simple and easy installation
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