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Our own brand to which we have picked the strawberries from the cake. Currently around 10 factories supply us with what they do best.

Copper lock nuts from 2.00 €

4item(s)from 2.00 €
Copper lock nuts
Copper locking nuts for a tight sealLeaking exhausts are a common problem. A leaking sound, low boost pressure and a failed emission test are all problems which can be caused by a leaking exhaust.Copper locking nuts are the best nuts you can use, because they dont come loose like their iron cousins due to thermal expansion.Especially turbo gaskets will also fail quickly after the bolts have come loose, and that will result in a kind of screaming sound.The copper locking nuts are stocked and readily
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Race.Fi hood/hatch locks from 59.00 €

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Race.Fi hood/hatch locks
Aerocatch style hood locks (pair) In race cars being able to completely remove or open the hood from outside is important for safety and pitwork, and in some cases compulsory in class rules.The lock is opened by first pressing the smaller lever, then rising the longer lever. Closing is done by pushing down the longer lever.Installation The locks are mounted on the hood with six chamfered bolts, and fastened from below with nuts. The counterpart, the shaft, is mounted in the engine bay, and it's length i
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Race.fi stickers from 2.00 €

3item(s)from 2.00 €
Race.fi stickers
Laadukkaat tarrat, jotka testatusti kestävät hyvin. Firman autossa on ollut jo seitsemän vuotta tarra kiinni, ja vielä pysyy.Erikokoja, ja värejä on tulossa - mikäli toiveita löytyy niitä voi jättää myyntiimme sähköpostitse. Toteutamme tarpeen mukaan muunkokoiset tarrat ja väritykset.
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45 degree couplers on sale from 5.00 €

1item(s)on sale from 5.00 €
45 degree couplers
45 degree silicon couplers with a sturdy wall. Silicone couplers can endure higher temperatures than rubber. Silicone couplers can be used for air and coolant piping in the engine bay. The threaded wall of the couplers make them ideal for high pressure applications.As a material, silicone can be used to pipe air, water and coolant. Small amounts of gasoline and oil are also ok, but for gasoline or oil piping silicone is not the right material as long term exposure to gasoline or oil softens silicone. Our sili
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