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Thermotec is heatshielding product manufacturer.
You can get heat shield, ribbons, matts, tapes and other products.

Thermotec heatwraps from 5.90 €

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Thermotec heatwraps
Thermotec heatwraps Thermotec heatwrap keeps engine-room temperatures down. Heatwrap is wrapped around exhaust manifold and it keeps most of the heat in exhaust gas.Thermotec wraps available in 15meter rolls and in 1 meter slices. Width 1 and 2 inches.- Can take 1100'c constant heat. Thickness below 2mm.Thermotec heatwrap material required Heat wrap required per meter of straight pipe. The lengths are advisory only, and for a straight pipe. Bends, collectors, lambda fittings and a changing diameter
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Thermotec heatshields from 25.90 €

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Thermotec heatshields
Exaust manifold insulation sock Decreases the temperatures in engine-room. Material is flexible which allows heatexpansion. For 4/6 and 8 cylinder engines.Exhaust pipe shield Easy & fast to install, includes attachment bands. 90cm length.Thermal insulation tube Wires and hoses, length 90cm. Available from 6-13mm, 15-25mm, 28-38mm, 38-50mm and 50-63mm in size.silencer heat shield Installation of the muffler, catalytic converter or similar heat source, size 61x101cm.Starter Motor thermal protect
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