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Brisk is an Czech top notch manufacturer for spark plugs.
The Brisk spark plugs are a proven choice for both stock and highly tuned engines. Where mainstream brands focus on costs, Brisk as a smaller brand focuses on quality of their plugs.
The applications are listed on the Brisk website, and you can make your order through our webshop. Brisk is stocked widely at Race Performance ltd.

Brisk products

Brisk spark plugs

  • More power, better acceleration and energy recovery
  • Available as Iridium, Silver, Turbo (DS) and LGS models
  • Best money can buy, Brisk invest in high quality and durability
  • Much better ignition also with less flammable fuels
  • Excellent choice for tuned or OEM engine to give much better ignition
  • Brisk spark plugs