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Siemens manufactures all kind of products, from fridges to injectors.
You can get trough us Siemens Deca Injectors.

Injector Siemen Deka 630cc 95.00 €

Injector Siemen Deka 630cc
Siemens DEKA 630cc injectors.Our injectors are matched sets within 1% of each other. These are high-ohm (12,6 ohm) injectors, and for example in the Nissan CA18DET the injector resistor should be bypassed.O-ring to O-ring length 64mm.Flow: 630cc/min @ 3bar 727cc/min @ 4barOther names / codes for this injector: -Siemens FI114961 -Mototron INJ-GAS-006 -Accel 74620L -MSD/Edge 2030