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Weekly special

Spring special

More Mishimot stock

We're stocking more and more Mishimoto products. The newest shipment had 12, 14 and 16-inch fans in it for fresh stocks.Fans are available in smaller diameters, but in reality 12 to 16 inches are the sizes we mostly sell and thus most customers select.Prices are 69€ for the 12" model, and 79€ for 14" and 16" models.These fans have a low profile so they fit in tight spaces. The flow rates are also pretty decent - decent enough that we put them in the product descriptions as well. For more info, check the products:»» Race: Mis...

Holsets in stock

Holset turbochargers in stock!We have sold a record-breaking amount of turbochargers - as well as many other product groups as well this spring.Popular turbochargers like the HX35 Super are readily in stock. We also have a good selection of repair kits, turbo gaskets and other hardware in stock all the way to copper locking nuts to give the finishing touches on an installation.»» Race: Holset turbochargers »» Race: Copper locking nuts »» Race: Turbo gaskets...

Weekly special: Mishimoto radiators -10 %

Weekly special: Mishimoto radiators -10 %Today is one of the first really warm spring days, and what would be a better product to put on special than radiators!An uprated radiators is a smart choice because it is a fact that one third of the energy from fuel burning in an engine turns into heat. Thus doubling the horses also doubles heat loads. Combine this with some track driving, and an original radiator will be crying when trying to dissipate all the heat generated.Mishimoto radiators are a smart choice as they are decently p...

Now we also sell tires!

And at good prices as well! We listed a few general sets mainly from the cheaper end of the list.In fact, we can supply a very long list of different tires including top-end brands like Goodyear, Federal and Michelin. Our small listing on the site mainly consists of Linglong, Nankang and other cheaper sets as we think quite a portion of our customers are in the drifting industry.All tires are priced as a set, and include shipping to Finland.»» Race: Renkaat...

ACL bearings in stock

The race season is here again, and we just wanted to remind you that we made sure our stocks are full of the parts that usually break - you wont miss a race at least when parts are considered.Head gaskets, clutches and other engine parts are naturally part of this stock. Just on friday we got a good big box of ACL engine bearings. Below is a listing of the most popular ones, and all STD items are in our own stock. We also have some selected 0.25 and 0.5 undersizes available.»» Race: ACL engine bearings...

Weekly special: STRI Gauges - 10 %

Now that things are more or less tuned and driven on the streets, how about making sure they stay tuned as intended?STRI gauges are on the weekly special this week. Just a month ago we released a new pricing for these, and now that they are on sale with 10 % off they should be very competitively priced!There are some analog X-line gauges in stock, but they are no longer available apart from what remains in stock. The DSD series gauges are digital units with a stepper motor, and for example the boost gauges have their own map sensor....

Turbosmart products

Turbosmart is the obvious choice when you're looking for quality and reliability in turbo products. Most common turbosmart products are stocked in our own warehouse.Turbosmart makes bleeds, dumps, fuel pressure regulartors, wastegates and many other parts playing a role in a turbo-car's life. Some are universal, some even model specific when it comes to wastegates or dump valves.The bleeds are our most popular stock product. Easy to fit, easy to adjust, and they always work. Check them out here!»» Race: Turbosmart ahtopaineensää...

Titan wheel fitment thingies

More commonly: bolts, haha =)We have quite a good selection in stock, now also available as a bullet model. All the listed bolts are in stock. We stock two common threads, the M12x1,25 and M12x1.5mm. This covers most passenger cars, as bigger M14 bolts are usually only found on vans.Current prices start from GT50 (long, open end model) 57,90 € 17mm key closed top 31,80 € Bullet models (close top) 46,30 € Torx head (tuner) 33,30 €»» Race: Titan wheel nuts...

Weekly: Powerflex bushes - 10 %

This weeks special is about Powerflex bushings. Probably the best bushings in the world!All Powerflex bushes are available on a 10 % discount 15. - 22.4.2016. Polybushes are the final touch to any suspension be it coilovers, air or lowering springs. Replacing worn rubber bushes with firm poly versions makes a drastic difference in how the car feels and drives, while still retaining most of the original comfort.»» Race: Powerflex bushesOther things this weekIn addition to camber bushes, powerflex also makes a camber gau...