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Get ready for winter with a limited slip differential

November special: Cibie LED add-on high beams -10 %

We added the Cibie LED add-on high beams today and decided to put them on a November promo straight on!Cibie LED lights are definitely not the cheapest you can get, but they are the best. Cibie has been making lights for nearly a hundred years. The lights have been sprayed with salt, submerged in water and put in an oven just like a turkey - Cibie lights are made to last the lifetime of your car!The range offers lighting power all the way up to 1200 lumen and a range of 500 m. Lights are available in 5.6", 7" and 9" diameters and ar...

Clutch Masters listing updated

A fresh Clutch Masters listing has just been update in the shop after a few days of work with a nearly 10000 row excel sheet. In addition to a traditiona batch run, we made sure popular models are as easy to pick as possible.Clutch Masters, in short CM, is an American clutch brand which covers clutches from organic to multiplates and flywheels for Asian, European and American cars.FX100 - FX300 -series consist of organic kits which are very streetable. FX100 is basically an oem replacement, and FX300 an uprated organic kit offering...

Holset HX35, HX40 and HX50 turbochargers

Holset seems to be a very common choice for an upgrade. Not in vain, as they definitely offer a very good turbo for decent money.Our shop has a listing with the HX35, HX40 and HX50 -series units.The top seller is naturally the HX35 -series where the base model offers a solid oil-only turbocharger for 1.8 to 2.5 liter engines for 300 to 500 hp with a #12 turbine.HX35 super comes with a #8 turbine and is water cooled. It suits 1.6 to 2 liter engines reacing powers from 300 to 450 hp. The turbine is relatively small, so this turbo...

Weekie: K&N -10%

K&N is the best air filter you can use in your car - in practice, it's eternal, now K&N is also in our weekly offer -10%!K&N air filter is one of the best modifications on your daily driver, it allow more air to engine - that means more power and lower fuel consumption, because engine doesn't have to work so hard to get the air. K&N filters practically lasts forever, assuming that you clean it occasionally.Simply = when the normal "paper" filter is dirty and ready for a change, K&N only needs a little wash - you can get the K&N Rech...

Red Line oils works nice also in the winter

Red Line is the best oil you can use, also on winter!Red Line needs no introduction at all, because for simply = it's a very high quality oil for every use. It is also a great choice for winter driving, Red Line oils does not go tacky and work very well in cold starts. We also have a wide range of oil filters, for example we have K&N and spare part filters lots of in stock.Red Line also has one of the best differential oils in the market - they keep sure that for example Quaife differential or gearboxes works well and right. Also p...

Comfy + slammed = possible

Comfort and slammed dont traditionally go hand in hand, but an air suspension makes the equation very much possible. Air suspensions offer a huge drop as well as a comfy ride.D2 air suspension kits are as bolt-on as an air suspension kit can be. Struts are naturally bolt on, and what's left to do is wire and pipe routing. Air suspension kits are notably comfortable, and height is literally adjusted by a twist of your hand.The kits are available in four variants; Basic, Deluxe, Super Pro and Gold.Basic is namely the base model wi...

Weekie: Adjustable control arms -10 %

We continue the weekies with a -10 % off D2 and Race.Fi adjustable arms.Where our own selection is aimed towards Japanese & drift cars, the D2 selection focuses on newer European makes. While not officially on promotion, we will also give very good quotes on Eibach, Wisefab and Whiteline arms during the week.Shipping on orders over 400€ is free of charge to the EU, and smaller packages start from 10 ... 20€. You can order from the webshop, or directly from our sales info@race.fi»» Race: adjustable control armsOther news...

Limited slip differentials

Kytkinten lisäksi syyspiikissä olennaisena osana ovat lukkoperät. Talvi tulee, ja vaikka drifting ja ratasarjat jäävät tauolle, alkaa rallien talvikausi jo lähestyä. Tehdäänpä siis lukkokuulumisiin pikku katsaus.Minkälainen lukko? Kadulle torseni, kisaan levylukko.Quaifen ATB rataslukko on perusrakenteeltaan torsen, eli aistii vääntöä ja siirtää voimaa sutivatlta pyörältä pitävälle. Quaife toimii myös luistoneston ja ajonvakautuksen kanssa, eikä aiheuta turhia kolinoita tai kanitteluita liikenteessä.Levylukko puolestaan luk...

Clutches & flywheels

Koska kytkimet tekevät kauppaansa tasaisen ällistyttävällä tahdilla, tehdään tänään pikku kertaus merkeistä ja tarvikkeista joita meillä on.Korkeampaa väännönkestoa Viritettyihin moottoreihin löytyy ratkaisu käytännössä Clutch Masters, Xtreme Clutch tai Sachs SRE linjalta.Kaikki valmistajat tarjoavat sekä sintteri että massasarjoja ja puristusvoimaltaan jykevämpiä asetelmia. Sarjoja löytyy alkuperäisen vauhtipyörän kaveriksi, ja useimpiin uudempiin autoihin myös ns. kovan vauhtiksen sisältäviä sarjoja joilla kaksoismassan väännön...

Weekly special: Eibach Spacers -10 %

Winter wheels are going on in the northern part of Europe, so what would be a better weekie than spacers! With a set of proper Eibach spacers your winter wheels wont look shy, and there's no need to park the car in a concealed corner - at least as far as the ET-police is concerned ;)Eibach spacers are naturally model-specific and hub centric. Most cars have thicknesses available from 5mm up to 30 - 35mm, and some up to 45mm.Most kits come with longer bolts and/or nuts, allthough a few types need additional hardware. What comes with...