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Weekly special: Short Shifters - 10 %

Most shifters are available directly in our own stock at a sale price of 44€ (regular 49€). A shifter shortens the travel and provides a nice upgrade to the worn original lever. The shifters are listed on the website with their applications and specific images of each version.The offer is valid until 19.2.2016 directly in our webshop and through sales. Go check these out in the category: »» Race.Fi: short shiftersWheel special: XXR 527, 18x8.75 - ET20 - 5x114.3 + 100 - Flat matt grey The offer is valid until 19.2.2016. Delivery...

D2 EDC cancel kits and accessories

This week we did some updated on the D2 accessories and EDC cancellation kits.EDC cancellation kits These are plugged in to the original EDC connectors near the shock absorbers. They effectively eliminate any fault messages and warning lights when canging the suspension on a car equipped with an EDC system.Race.Fi: EDC cancel kitsFlexible damping knobs Available at 25, 30 and 35 cm long, these can be routed into the coilover and left in to allow easy adjusting at any time. These are a must-have in cars with tight spaces...

Regular spare parts also available

The spare part range continues to grow it's demand and more and more shipments have spares, or a mix of performance parts accompanied with spare parts.Thermostats were the latest update just last thursday. Before those we updated some accessory belts and timing belt/chain kits. The bulk of spares in the webshop is for cars which are popular among "performance" enthusiasts, but dont be fooled - we have the parts for little sisters Smart and mothers Corsa as well.Asking for parts is quite simple. We have a dedicated page with a form you c...

Weekly special Kenwood players and Ultralite Zero 2 18" rims

This weeks special are the Kenwood car hifi players @ -10 % discount Most models are in our own stock. The range starts from basic 62 € players and goes up to complete navigation- and multimediadevices which dont make you coffee, but come pretty close in what they can do.The offer is valid until 12.2.2016 directly in our webshop and through sales. Go check these out in the category: »» Race.Fi: Kenwood car hifi playersWheel special: Ultralite Zero 2 18X8.5 - ET38 - 5X100+112 - Grey Metallic The offer is valid until 12.2.2016. De...

Outlet list updated

Yesterday Ari went through our shelves and updated the Outlet section with some new items which dont seem to move that well. The list includes hifi, gauges, suspension & brake parts and engine internals as well.Go check it out and dont be afraid to make an offer as well, since these need to move in order to make some space for new arrivals.» Race.Fi: OutletRace Performance Oy, Race.Fi webshop - Riku from sales...

Lots of D2 suspension images updated

In the weekend we took out our camera and shot most of the stock kits we had available. The listing was updated with many model-specific images to show you the exact kit you're purchasing.We will continue updating images every time a product comes through to get you even more information about products.Go check out the updated listing!» D2 adjustable coiloversRace Performance Oy, Race.Fi webshop - Ari...

Weekly special: Quaife + Red Line kit and a wheel special

It's friday again so it's also time to launch the new weekly special and a wheels special. Here we go.Free Red Line oils with Quaife ATB differentials 29.1 - 5.2.2016+We held a small promo with two free bottles of Red Line oils with each differential at new year, and it was very popular. We decided to go ahead and do it again, since many customers enjoyed it. The offer is valid for all Quaife ATB differentials, and incudes two quarts of oil which is basically enough for 99 % of regular cars. Please include your exact car model in...

Quaife ATB listing updated

Quaife ATB listing was updated and we now have new models and more precise fitments on the website. Quaife is somewhat known for vague applications, so many of those were updated to more precision. The few percent change in the pound rate in our favor was also noted in the pricing.The Quaife is the ideal locking differential for the streets. It is completely silent and service-free, comes with lifetimine warranty and works flawlessly with traction control systems. The unit also performs very well in winter conditions which we have a lot of...

Davies Craig electric water pumps

Davies Craig electric water pumps have got a ton of good feeback, since, well - they are just a very good product. There is plenty of flow, as the TwinTurbo V8 RX8 driven by Eero Yli-Sipilä uses an EWP115 pump. For comparison, the biggest model in the range is the EWP150 which flows at 150 liters per minute. The electric pumps can be installed as a booster for the original pump, or more popularily as standalone thus eliminatin the original mechanical pump and gaining some power as well.Our shop also has some accessories available, from whic...

Vems and PLX AFR gauges + XXR527 on the weekly special

Soon it's time to start the weekend, but before that we have a few nice promotions for you guys.PLX and Vems wideband AFR gauges»» PLX DM-6 + SM-AFR 219 € (regular price 229 € )»» Vems AFR + EGT gauge 289 € (regular price 299 € )Valid until 29.1.2016, and we naturally have these in our own stock as well.This weeks wheel special: XXR 527 17X9.75 - ET25 - 5X100+114.3 - FLAT MATT BRONZE Valid until 29.1, and delivered to your door free of charge in around 3 working days. Spigot rings and bolts also available at good pric...