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Get ready for winter with a limited slip differential

Weekly offer Bilstein shocks -10%

Now we did put the Bilstein shocks in our weekly offer -10%Bilsten is a high quality shock absorber from Germany and there is a shock option for every use, for racecars, dailydrivers and for many other! We have a huge range of Bilstein shocks, not in our webshop yet, but you can easily call or mail us regarding Bilstein prices and availabilities.And i also want to mention, that Bilstein has a very quick delivery - we can get almost any Bilstein shock for next day when we order before 15.00pm.Check the Bilstein category in our w...

Exhaust parts

We have lots of exhaust parts in our range!Ari has listed lots of exhaust parts in our webshop in last few days and now we have exhaust sleeves, branches, cones and electric controlled valves in our webshop. All exhaust parts are high quality and big part of sleeves, branches and cones are made of stainless steel - so these will not rust at all.We are vey excited about the electric controlled valves for exhaust - it will keep the noice down at low rpm and can also work with the engine. So when you drive at higher rpm, the flange w...

D2 coilovers in stock

We got a nice amount of D2 coilovers in our stock!D2 damping and height adjustment coilovers are good choice in street and track. There are lots of D2 coilovers in our stock, for example for Audi, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Volvo and Mitsubishi. Now every D2 coilover and air suspension is MOT compatible for every car with D2 document, which is of course free of charge from us.If you are looking for adjustable suspension, D2 is the right choice if you want driving comfort, height/stiffness adjustment or both. Height adjustment is also ver...

Weekie: Davies Craig water pumps -10%

Davies Craig electric waterpump is brilliant choice when you want to make sure that your cooling works for sure.There are Davies Craig waterpumps in sizes 15-150l/min, smallest pumps are made of nylon and biggest are with strong alloy frame. You can buy the water pump kit which contains also digital controller, which will change the blower and pump speed when needed. Of course there is only a water pump available, if the controller is already acquired.Davies Craig water pumps has been used in motorcycles and even in some lawn mowers...

Garrett turbos from our webshop

There is a little bit more Garrett turbochargers in our webshop now.Garrett by Honeywell is a high quality turbocharger even for demanding taste - we are an official representative for Garret turbochargers, which means you can get all the Garrett parts from us and tecnical support of course! I just finished a little job regarding to the Garrett turbochargers - there is now most popular Garrett model in our webshop. For example we listed turbos for Skyline and 200sx, but of course you can mount these Garrett turbocharger almost every ca...

Powerflex easily

You can find Powerflex polyurethane bushings easily from our webshop!Powerflex bush is a high quality polyurethane bush, which improve car handling and it's also more durable than normal "rubber bush".There are Powerflex almost for every car and of course with fast delivery - almost every bush is in our wholesales stock, so delivery time is only day or two. We also have listed suspension diagrams in our webshop, which helps find the right bush for you car - because item names are sometimes very confusing, even for professionals....

Weekly: Simons exhausts -10%

Now we did put Simons exhausts in our weekly offer!Swedish Simons exhaust is a good choice for every car. There are huge amount of different silencers available, so you can always get the best benefit and sound from the exhaust. We have now a price list in our webshop for all the Simons exhausts and i need to mention that we also have a fast delivery for all the Simons products!Check the Simons exhausts in our webshop: »» Race: Simons exhaustsHave a good weekend! Race.Fi / Riku...

Winter tires from us

Winter tires from usIn our selection you will find winter tires at an affordable price for every car or van.We have lots of different tire brands in our range, for example we got Nokia, Hankook, Kumho, Michelin, Linglong and Dunlop tires available - and of course with fast delivery and good prices! For example a set of Linglong spike tires costs 239,00 € (incl. vat24%) + delivery costs and Hankook spike tires 299,00 €(incl. vat24%) + delivery costs - ask more from our sales.Feel free to contact our sales and ask a offer: »» Ra...

Volvo Amazon 60v

Tällä kertaa olisi luvassa hieman erilaista autoaihetta, meinaan lähes kaikkien tuntemasta klassikosta - Volvo Amazonista.Allekirjoittanut kävi viikonloppuna Lahdessa - siellä nimittäin pidettiin Volvo Amazon 60v synttärit ja sen kunniaksi miittinki Ace Corner Finlandissa. Amazoneille oli varattu oma alue, mutta toki muille autoille oli parkkitilaa lähettyvillä rutkasti. Tapahtumassa yhteensä Amazoneja olikin kunnioitettavat 66 kappaletta, allekirjoittanut oli nro #61. Paikalla oli paljon erilaisia kokoonpanoja, joista kaikki tietenkin miel...

We also sell lots of gaskets and flanges

We also sell lots of gaskets and flangesWe have a huge amount of gaskets, flanges, u-bolt clamps, v-bands and copper lock nuts in stock!As many of you already know, we have lots of different turbos, exhaust and etc in our range - but we also have a wide range of gaskets, flanges and v-bands for every use. Ari did a little work with the gaskets and flanges - now there are PCD and dimension information for every flange and gasket in our webshop to help the search.We also added a Holset HX35 oil return gasket at the request of our...