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January special:

D2 8 year old coilover review


8-year-old D2 coilover review

Last weekend we took a closer look at the 8-year-old D2 street coilover kit which has been on Willem's S13. The kit has seen some 50.000km on the highway, downtown traffic and amateur trackdays.

When installed, the kit wasnt protected, simple WD40 was used as a lubricant. The topmount uniballs were lubricated from time to time with WD40 or chain lube. The car has been driven in both summer and winter - 25C, and similarily stored outside for as long as one year without moving. It ev...

Dynavin group buy


Race Performance Oy has now started Dynavin multimedia player distribution in Finland. We are purchasing our basic inventory, and having a group buy at the same time to offer some nice prices thanks to some savings in freight rates. Each player is discounted for -100,00 €.

Dynavin group buy
Dynavin is most likely a familiar product for Hifi-hobbyists. The brand makes model-specific pulg-and-play multimedia players for mos...

Davies Craig electric water pumps


Davies Craig electric water pumps now available

DC electric water pumps are a much wished addition to our inventory. The pump can be installed in-line or in-place of the original water pump. The benefit of having an electric pump is that it never spins too fast (opposed to a mechanical spinning relative to engine speed). An electric pump can also be used to allow after cooling and ran after the engine has been shut down.

There are five models of Dav...

Race.Fi - Hifi products


Our constantly growing selection suprised us this time, as we started a new path into the hifi world. This was much wished by our customers, and so we decided to take on the challenge.

It's been a month since we started adding stuff, and now we have quite a nice selection of basic brands like Clarion and Kenwood, Groundzero, Rainbow, and Sundown Audio. This is not it yet, as we are constantly adding new brands and items aiming towards a comrehensive selection of hifi products. At this time, we have players, amplifiers, speaker...

Gauges and widebands


Stri DSD 52mm and 60mm gauges
Quick and precise is what the Stri DSD gauges are all about. They display readings even in harsh conditions on the track and extreme temperatures. Unlike most stepper motor gauges, the Stri DSD series are very quiet gauges.
The finish is a titanium color casing. The gauges also display peak values and sweep 270 degrees.

Boost: 735mmHg ~ 2.0 kg/cm2 (myös 3.0 kg/cm...

Oil guide Castrol and Red Line


Selecting the correct oil is often a tedious task.

Viscosities, longlife or regular, different ratings and even different brands are a jungle where even the seasoned mechanig gets easily lost.
Both Red Line and Castrol have good tools for selecting the correct oil without a hassle.

The Red Line Swedish page has a comprehensive list of specifications and fill quantities for different cars. The list is made especi...

News 8.8.2014


Additional ways of payment
The Race.Fi webshop now has additional ways of payment. Payment plans are available for purchases up to 2000 €, and we now accept credit cards, paypal and all finnish netbank payments.

Collector invoice/payment plan
Up to 1000 € orders. When you pay with Collector, you get your products before you even need to pay for them. You can pay it all at once, or pay...

Rims special


This weeks wheel specials
There are still lots of warm and sunny weeks ahead, and we decided to put out a few wheels for this week.

These wheels are available from our sales at these special prices

Brand: Advan Wheels
Specs: 18x 9 ET: 29 Pcd: 114,3x5, Silver
Price delivered to y...

D2 coilover comfort guarantee


D2 coilover comfort guarantee
Every driver has an opinion on how soft or stiff a suspension should be - one kit wont be enough for everyone, so we decided to allow change of sprig rates after the purchase to adjust each and every D2 kit to meet the needs of the driver. The springs are cheap, and you can change as many times as you like, you just pay for the transoprtation fees.
Most springs are readily in stock in our wa...

News 13.6.2014


We are now a contract customer of the Finnish customs

The amount of internation import and export has risen steadily, and we are now very glad to announce we became a partner to the Finnish customs buro. The contract allows some savings and faster processing of international shipments. The savings are put directly in our prices as they lower our import fees and delivery times.

No changes to customer returns...

The end of paper catalogs!


The age of paper catalogs is over!

We have done a lot in the past months to reduce the need for pdf- and paper catalogs. This makes things easier for us, and most importantly our customers. Selecting products is a matter of using dropdowns very easily.

Different K&N, Eibach, D2, OBP and Black Diamond product can already be found under a page for each type of product, where selecting the correct one is a matter of using t...

Telephone problems (fixed)


On monday 12.5.2014 our telephone lines were temporarily down.

As of morning 13.5.2014 our lines work flawlessly again....

Wheel special


These wheels listed below are on special this week, and in stock at the European warehouse. The prices include tax and delivery to your front door.

Specs: 16" x 8" ET10 4x100+114.3 Silver, metal lip
SKU: JR10168041074S
Price incl. delivery: 700€

Specs: 16" x 8" ET20 100+114.3x4 Gold, metal lip
SKU: XR521-1680-1GL
Price incl. delivery: 780 €

Specs... 3/14 rectification


A small rectification might be in place, as the latest Tuning.Fi magazine has a slight error at the end of the shop. Our contact details are in place, but we dont have anything to do with this webshop or the company behind it. The case is a simple human error, and we are ofcourse very happy to receive each and every mention in magazines we get =)

Happy weekend!


OBP - Optimum Balance Products


A new listing of hydraulic handbrakes and pedalboxes by Optimum Balance Products now in Race.Fi webshop.

Pedalboxes and model specific sets for replacing brake cylinders
A pedalbox replaces the original pedals and enables brake balance adjustments. Pedalbox also eliminates the brake booster, which normally increases dri...

Black Diamond brakes


Black Diamond - a smart brake company making discs, pads, braided hoses and even brake fluid at very good prices. The BD products are suitable for demanding street usage and competition use. They are not only good in advertisements, but also proven in rally, drifting and other competition use.
The range has again grown a lot, and our updated listings now offer new product for the most recent car models. The listings were also updated so that...

Open doors on saturday


Welcome on saturday!

As mentioned a few times already, we are having an open doors day on saturday from 12.00 to 18.00. Our shop is located in the small town of Pornainen which is excellently positioned in southern Finland. From Lahti and Helsiki it take half an hour to drive to us, and the connections are good to eastern Finland...

Eibach springs relisted


Eibach spring are now relisted
The webshop gets updated every day, and this was the time to update our listing for Eibach springs. The listing was completely refurbished, and selecting a kit is now as easy as choosing your car's make, model and variant. The prices were also adjusted a bit - in your favour.

» Eibach Pro-Kit springs
» ...

News 27.2.2014


The Free-Delivery era has started
Our shop now offers free delivery for letters, domestic orders over 100 € and international orders over 400 €. You can still choose all the old delivery methods, but now free of charge. The change takes place immediately, and is valid for all regular orders.

New products

Stri gauges


A decent stock order of stri gauges just arrived at our warehouse

A big stock order ensures we can deliver quickly, and also allows savings for giving you good prices. Each and every stri gauge is listed in our webshop at very good prices, go check them out here:
» Stri gauges

Model-specific and universal gauge pods are also a part of our range, and they...