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July arrivals

Weekly: Mishimoto radiators -10 %

Lets continue the Mishimoto weekies, as this week the Mishi aluminum radiators are on a 10 % discount.Bolt-on cooling upgrades at their best. Mishimoto rads fit perfectly in original mounts and are shipped with an uprated cap as well. These radiators are a little thicker than stock, so in tight places a cowl or pipes might need a little adjustment, but nothing that drastic which couldnt be cured easily.Great quality, great prices. That is what Mishimoto is about.»» Race: Mishimoto radiatorsOther news this weekWe...

Stri gauges

Stri gaugesStri makes the best gauges for cars!Stri DSD is most popular model and gauges are very accurate. Fast and precise servo guarantees a precise reading in harsh conditions like rally or track racing too. There is 52mm and 60mm DSD model available for every car and use. For example there is boost, water and oil press gauges available.Chech the gauges in our webshop: »» Race: Stri DSD gauges »» Race: Stri X-line clearance gaugesRace.fi / -Riku...

Limited slip differentials and their service kits

All our limited slip differential brands have launced a lot of new models, and as sales have been running pretty hot we have also taken a look at service kit & spare part availabilities. Especially with professional drivers there is no time to wait when a part needs service. We made sure we can provide service kits quickly & know what you need.In daily driven cars a plate type differential will easily go 10 years without the need for service, but in competition uses the requirements for consistent and unchanged grip from race to race ar...

Weekie: Mishimoto intercoolers - 10 %

Otsikko: Weekie: Mishimoto intercoolers - 10 %Tried & tested: get a bigger intercooler! One of the more traditional and foolproof ways to gain prower is now on our weekly.Mishimoto intercoolers come in the basic 600x300 core size as 80 or 100mm thick, but are also available in different other sizes for low & wide or high & narrow fitments.We also carry some nice Mishimoto t-bolt clamps and silicone connectors to get that intercooler mounted.Allthough "what colour" is usually a joke in the car business, this is a place where...

Cam shafts

Cam shaftsWe have lots of different cam shafts for many cars and every use!The cam shaft is one of the most important parts of the engine and specially for non turbo cars one way to get more power from the engine. For example, we have Kelford, Newman Cams, Tomei and HKS brands in our range - every brand offers option for race and street use.Check the cam shafts in our webshop: »» Race: Cams...

Racing accessories

Racing accessoriesWe got wide range of racing accessories for every use from seats to steering wheels!Sparco seats Sparco has wide range of seats, for example we got Sparco Sprint V seat in stock. Seats are FIA-approved and with tube frame. »» Race: Sparco seatsSeatrails and attachment parts There are lots of seatrails and attachment parts by Sabelt and Sparco, most of them directly from our stock. With these parts you will install seats without worries. Seatrails and attachment parts are universal, so you can mount them al...

Powerflex bushes - 10 % on Weekie

Powerflex ended up on the weekie as earlier this week we wrote about adjustable control arms.Polybushes are one of the best upgrades a car can get. They reduce flex from old worn rubber bushings, and thus result in a more precise ride. To be specific, benefits include sharper steering, less powersteer under acceleration and braking, as well as prolonged tire life.»» Race: Powerflex bushes.Grand summer finale There have been six tuner meets during summer, and now it's time to set our views on the fall. Meets are not going to...

Lots of new adjustable control arms

This week we took a dive into the world of adjustable control arms. In addition to having lots of our own Race.Fi adjustable arms in stock, we have now about doubled our range adding D2 adjustable arms to the webshop.D2's control arm range focuses on rear camber arms and adds a ton of models which were earlier simply unavailable. The focus is on European makes and newer cars, whereas our own lineup focuses on traditional "race" models.The lineup is very welcome, and spot on as rear camber is often the first thing which needs adjustm...

Summer season finale 19.8

Harrasteautomiittejä on pidetty kesäkaudella jo kuusi kappaletta. Nyt kun kausi alkaa kääntymään syksyyn, rikotaan rutiineja ja pidetään kesäkauden finaali perjantaina 19.8. Aiemmista miiteistä poiketen tämä kestää pidempään ja menneen kauden iloja ja suruja voi juhlistaa kuskin hommatessaan myös muutamien virvokkeiden kanssa.Miittiin tulee paikalle myös MB Specialist Tanskan pääkallopaikan edustaja, Nick.Ajankohdan suhteen alku on tuttu klo 18.30, ja päätös sitten kun siltä tuntuu. Osoite on Välitie 6, 07170 Pornainen....

Red Line available again

Red Line available againRed Line had some problems in it's availability for a while, and we're now happy to announce all Red Line products are available again with great prices!Our shelfs will be full of Red line soon - actually during the beginning of the next week.Red Line is simply a very good oil brand - thats why we always recommend Red Line oil to our differentials from Quaife to Kaaz. There are also lots of additives for cars or even motorcycles :)Check the Red Line products from our webshop: »» Race: Red Line Fuel...