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July arrivals

Proper alignment

Suspension sales are peaking at record leves for springs and dampers, so we decided this is a good time to write a few words about what else the suspension is about.In addition to springs and dampers, the control arms, their mountings and tires basically effect how the car handles. Lets concentrate on the first two: bushes and control arms which are responsible for setting and maintaining wheel alignment.Adjustable control arms These offer more adjustablility than stock and are as strong or stronger than the original arms.Avail...

A different kind of noise

If a loud exhaust is not really the thing your're after, this is probably a good time to recall we also have a different type of noise available - more precisely Hifi products.Allthought we are usually known, as race.fi, to sell race parts, we also sell some Hifi products to spice up the daily drivers. For example, we carry a the Kenwood BT34 and BT34U players. The U-model has a CD-tray, and the non-U doesnt. Both support bluetooth and usb connectivity. As handy as they come, both models have USB and Aux inputs in the front face to ease...

Weekly: Widebands -10€

Widebands on weeklyNow we put widebands on our weekly offer -10€!Our warehouse shelfs are full of widebands, so we decied to put these in our weekly offer. We will sell the widebands even more cheaper and of course with fast shipping direct from our stock.More PLX gauges did arrived few days ago and because these are very popular ones - we already ordered more of them - thats beacause there is still space in our shelfs ;) There is also very much other gauges in our stock - for every use and every car!»» Race: Gauges....


WidebandsNow we have shelves full of widebands again - there is lots pf Vems, PLX and Innovate widebands now in our stockThe best sellers are PLX and Vems and thats why we stock it much - now we have several dozen units in stock. Vems wideband + EGT is very smart choice when you want to check the exhaust temperature, of course there is an Vems option without EGT. PLX is normally without EGT, but of course you can buy and install it if it's needed. In summary we can say that when EGT is needes, use Vems and when its not the main pri...


CoolingWith Davies Craig electric water pump, the cooling liquid will flow in the engine fast and keep it in low temperatureThere are 15-150l per minute pumps in the Davies Craigs range - smallest pumps are made from plastic and 130-150l pump are made aluminium. There are water pumps available with or without the controller. With the controller you can change the speed and water flow and set the wanted temperature for the engine. Popular ones are now 130 and 150 model, of course these are in stock.Smallest Davies Craig models f...

Weekly: Black Diamond -10%

Weekly offer Black Diamond -10%All of the Black Diamond products are now on weekly offer -10%Black Diamond does not need much demonstration, you can find all the Black Diamond products from us and of course with good prices. For example there are three BD brake disc types: grooved, drilled and grooved & drilled. There are BD discs for every car and use. BD brake pads have a very good heat resistance and are have a low level of dust and good friction, and yes - Black Diamond works even when its raining unlike some regular spare part...

Harrasteautomiitti #5: 26.7.2016 klo 18.30->

Ei ole enään salaisuus että joka toinen tiistai siis miittaillaan. Jatketaan siis samaan malliin kuin aikaisemmissakin miiteissä. Kaavahan alkaa olemaan tuttu, eli pidetään kaikille autoharrastajille avoin turbontuoksuinen tiistai-ilta kahvinjuonnin ja jutustelun merkeissä. 26.7.2016 klo 18.30 ->Firma piffaa kahvit ja pullat, mutta muuten tapahtuma on ihan avoin ja ei-kaupallinen. Grillissä paistetaan makkarat klo 20.00.Pornainen on sijaintina hyvä, sillä tiet tänne tarjoavat muutakin kuin puuduttavaa suoraa vakkariajoa. Kesätapahtuma...

Black Diamond delivery times drop

Black Diamond delivery times dropWe now order Black Diamond two times a week, that means much shorter delivery times!Black Diamond has grow much in popularity, so we decied that now we order Black Diamond two times a week - Monday and Thursday to yet again boost customer satisfaction to a new level :) As you know, Black Diamond produces brake discs, brake pads, clutches and brake hoses, of course you find everything in our webshop."ok" is not enough for us, we want to be best - Whether it is service or one of our products delive...


SuspensionThere are lots of suspension parts that we sell like H&R, D2, KW, Bilstein, Koni, Eibach and many other brands.For example D2 coilovers kit is one of the best suspensions that you can use in your car - there are lots of D2 kits in our stock for many car models.D2 kits are very popular here in Finland and not in vain - its simply a very smart choice for track or just daily use. As usual, D2 kits come with stiffness and height adjustment and there is also a popular camber adjustment in many kits.On the other hand if...

Japan Racing lisätty verkkokauppaan

Japan Racing added to our webshopPopular Japan Racing wheels now in our webshop!Our Japan Racing endeavour about wheels is now over and now there are almost 1500 JR wheel listed in the webshop. Japan Racing wheels are available for every taste and if not, we can make it. Some of the models are availble as Individual / Custom wheels, which means that we can produce them with your preferred pcd, offset and colour you like - that's how we get the perfect wheels for your car.»» Race: Japan Racing Wheels.Other news this we...