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Our customers always come first!. We don't settle for medium - we want to be the best place to get performance and tuning parts in Europe.
We are specialized in suspension, engine and powertrain parts. We offer over a 100 quality brands like Cusco, Kaaz, D2, Quaife, Powerflex, Castrol, Mishimoto, Eibach and K&N.

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Get ready for winter with a limited slip differential

Pyydä tarjous alustapaketista

Kun kerran tekee niin tekee sitten kunnolla on hyvä nyrkkisääntö. Madallusjousilla tai alustasarjalla ajettavuus muuttuu jo kertaheitolla jämäkämmäksi, mutta parhaan hyödyn osista saa kun tärkeimmät puslat ja tapauskohtaisesti osat kuten koiranluut vaihdetaan samalla uusiin.Alemmas on laskettu muutamia esimerkkipaketteja autoista joihin osia yleensä menee. Resepti on simppeli: coilit sekä tärkeimmät puslat, ja mausteeksi tarpeen mukaan tukivartta, camberpulttia tai uutta vakio-osaa. Tarvittaessa samalla rempalla kannattaa päivittää jarr...

Amsoil öljyt tutustumistarjouksessa -20 %

Amsoil laatuöljyt tulevat rytinällä markkinoille, eli ovat tämän viikon tutustumistarjouksessa -20 % normaalihinnoista.Määrän sijaan laatuun satsaava Amsoil valmistaa öljynsä tietenkin Yhdysvalloissa korkealaatuisista raaka-aineista siinä missä valtavirran isot merkit tasapainottelevat laadun ja hinnan välillä kompromisseja tehden.Amsoilin valikoimasta löytyvät lisäaineet, moottoriöljyt sekä voimansiirron öljyt. Sarjoja on valtavirrasta totuttua enemmän sillä esim. Z-Rod öljyt on tehty korkeasinkkisenä nimenomaan vanhempia harrastea...

Innovate DLG-1 widebands in stock

Innovaten DLG-1 dual widebands came into stock as it was recently added to the range.The product in short is a wideband gauge with two sensors and controllers, so it is great for V-engines and other two-pipe solutions. Packing also quite thorough, as in addition to the natural gauge-harness-sensor -things, the kit also includes an exchangeable gauge face as well as weldable lambda bungs.Kit price is 449,00 € so this is actually a pretty cheap alternative to having two separate gauges. It also prevents dash clutter unless the idea is...

RVS prices dropped

RVS treatments just got a new pricing, and we're very happy to say it dropped with the new 2017 lists.The treatments are explained more thoroughly on the product page, but to put them in a few words, RVS is a treatments which forms a triboceramic surface in places with friction, reducing toleranges and in practice rising compression pressures back to oe specs.RVS is also a part of our shelf-selection, so all the regular sizes are readily available in our own stock.»» RVS treatments...

January's final weekie: Sachs SRE cluches -10 %

The SRE catalogs just got an update on monday, so they are a natural candidate for the weekie as well.Our clutch sales #1 is Sachs SRE. Covers and discs are also available separately so a complete kit is not always the only way if you already have a disc or cover you want to use. Custom transmission - flywheels combinations are also easy to solve when parts are available separately.Discs specs as well as cover torque ratings are available on the product page.Orders over 400 € are shipped free of charge to the EU, so a kit practi...