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We are specialized in suspension, engine and powertrain parts. We offer over a 100 quality brands like Cusco, Kaaz, D2, Quaife, Powerflex, Castrol, Mishimoto, Eibach and K&N.

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Weekly special

Spring special

Outlet list updated

We went through our shelves again and updated the Outlet section with some new items which dont seem to move that well. The list includes gauges, suspension & brake parts and engine internals as well.Go check it out and make an offer, since these need to move in order to make some space for new arrivals.» Race.Fi: OutletRace Performance Oy, Race.Fi webshop - Riku from sales...

Weekly: Meguiar's - 20 %

Meguiar's products weekly - 20 %!The pollen season seems to be clearing up a bit, so now it's time to wash those cars a bit =)This time we decided to make it a - 20 % offer. Prices available in the webshop, offer valid 27.5 - 3.6.2016 or as long as stocks last.»» Race: Meguiars autonhoitotuotteet.Other news this weekMany customers have been asking for the EV14 injectors. Now they are available!»» Race: Bosch EV14 injectors available!Our Castrol oil range now also covers transmission fluids from stoc...

Harrasteautomiitti 31.5.2016

Kaikille autoharrastajille merkkiin katsomatta avoin turbontuoksuinen tiistai-ilta kahvinjuonnin ja jutustelun merkeissä.Piffaan firman puolesta kahvit ja pullat, mutta muuten tapahtuma on ihan avoin ja ei-kaupallinen. Grilli on myös käytössä jos päätetään syödä vähän tukevammin.Pornainen on sijaintina hyvä, sillä tiet tänne tarjoavat muutakin kuin puuduttavaa suoraa vakkariajoa. Kesätapahtuma sijoittuu tietenkin ulos, mutta meillä on aika hyvä säävaraus - eli reilun kokoinen katos.Kerhot voivat vapaasti tuoda omaa rekvisiittaa ja e...

Bosch EV14 injectors now available

Bosch EV14 injectors have now been added to our fuel side lineup.Bosch EV14 injectors are a praised and proven product offering good fuel mist formation with big injectors as well as smaller ones. Idle and part-throttle tuning is more accurate and streetable with EV14 injectors.»» Race: Bosch EV14 injectors...

Castrol oil range grows

As Red Line oils are slowly going off the shelves, Castrol oils are going on the shelves. Until recently we mostly concentrated on Castrol Magnatec and Edge engine oils. Now we have taken most transmission and differential oils into stock as well.Castrol is also pretty decently priced in our shop, so you're welcome to compare some prices as well. For Finnish orders we offer free shipping on orders over 100€, and internationally over 400€ are shipped free of charge. Our castrol lineup is here: »» Race: Castrol oilsAnd we also have...

Brisk sytytystulpat

Brisk sytytystulpat Tsekkiläinen sytytystulppa valmistaja, joka on osoittautunut erinomaiseksi valinnaksi vakio sekä viritettyihin moottoreihinBrisk LGS » Täysin aikaisemmasta poikkeava sytytystulpan kärjen muoto. » Suurempi teho. » Parempi kiihtyvyys. » Parempi polttoaineen energian hyödyntäminen. » Kipinän syntypaikka on syvällä palotilassa. » Mahdollisimman pitkä kipinä osittaisen pintapurkauksen ansiosta (melkein 3mm). » Sytytystulpan runkoon integroidut sivuelektrodit parantavat kärjen jäähdytystä ja varmistavat optimaa...

Black Diamond brakes

Otsikko: Black Diamond brakesBlack Diamond has really broke through when the prices were updated in early March. Thanks to this, our stocks on common items have also grown a lot!Thenks to the updated prices, quality brakes are no longer an issue about money. The discs are suitable for the street and track, and the pads aimed towards street and track day driving. Pads have a low dust rate and are usable in daily driven conditions as well (harder track pads require some heat to start working).A finishing touch can be given with br...

PLX and Vems gauges on weekly

We got big shipments of both gauges, so lets put them on a weekly =)The Vems combines AFR and EGT gauges into one display» AFR and EGT are shown at the same time. » Includes a 6mm heavy-duty EGT sensor. » Available with Bosch 4.2 or 4.9 LSU sensors. » A traditional button-interface always works. » Programmable and can output narrowband for the ECU.»» Race: Vems wideband afr gauge.PLX DM6 + SM-AFR combo» A reliable and popular package with touch-screen. » A fast Bosch 4.9 sensor. » Soft Start prolongs sensor l...

Lots and lots of coilovers =)

Suspension sales have broken each and every record this year - and our stocks have also grown a lot and again a lot.D2 coilovers will nowdays pass inspection without hassles, as all documents needed for inspection are provided with the kits. There is no longer need to check for cheapo eBay tub kits or over-priced tuv approved kits as far as vehicle inspection is considered.D2 coilovers are a smart choice - here are some points to consider: - We offer 2-year warranty covering normal use. - Even basic street versions have an djustab...