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Get ready for winter with a limited slip differential

Weekly: Cusco differentials -10%

Cusco makes one of the best differentials for track use!Cusco list two main types, MZ and RS diffs. There are also three different ramp angles available, 1 way, 1.5 way and 2 way. Ramp angles means the locking direction of differential and needs to be selected according to usage, for example different track uses.MZ models are recommended for only the track, because the lock has a small preload even without any torque - so its very loud at the street use. RS models are mainly for track use, but this can also be a compromise for sreet...

Holset and Garrett turbos!

Holsettia ja Garrettia menee nykyään mukavasti, varsinkin kun listatiin tovi sitten hieman enemmän Garrettiakin verkkokaupan puolelle.Holset ahtimet ovat kautta linjain suosituimmat tuotteet meillä ja ei ihan suotta - valikoimaa ja sopivuutta löytyy tosi moneen autoon ja on myös helposti sovellettavissa. Yleisimpiä malleja löytyy meiltä ihan suoraan verkkokaupasta sopivuuksineen.Garrett by Honeywell on taatusi laatu ahdin, kuulalaakeriahdin myös reagoi erittäin nopeasti ja ahdoille päästään reilusti aikaisemmin kun muissa saman koko...

PLX and Vems widebands!

Vems and PLX widebandsThese are the most popular widebands in our sale history because these widebands really works well!We keep always these two in stock and now there is coming a huge amount of PLX widebands again in our stock soon. At the moment we sell PLX the most and sometimes they even ran out PLX in the factory but that is mainly a positive "problem".There are many options, especially in Vems - with 4.2 sensor, with 4.9 sensor, with EGT, without EGT or with sensor and EGT. We also can get sensors for PLX, example oil, wa...

All the D2 air suspension now in our webshop!

Verkkokauppaan on nyt lisätty uusimman listauksen myötä kaikki D2 ilmajousisarjat, kätevästi vetovalikon avulla.Herrasmiesmäinen ajokäytös ja mukavuus. Voit säätää autosi korkeutta suoraan ajosta. Kaikissa sarjoissa on myös peruskorkeuden ja jäykkyyden säätö. Sarjat eivät vaadi muita osia asennukseen, eli kaikki sarjat ovat täydellisiä automalliin tarkoitettuja settejä.D2 ilmajousisarjoja löytyy neljää eri mallia, aina basic versiosta Goldiin. Lisätiedot eri malleista löydät verkkokaupastamme. Tätä nykyä kaikki ilmasarjat ovat myös...

Quaife differentials!

We sell lots of Quaife differentials at this time of the year and we also updated Quaife application lists in our webshop!Quaife differential is the best street and trackday limited slip available, its silent and also very reliable - it comes with lifetime warranty!Biggest change in Quaife listing happened in Mercedes-Benz Quaifes, now every Mercedes Quaife diff is in our webshop. Quaife differentials are also now in our weekly offer, we will give you diff oils free of charge with all Quaife differentials!Check Quaife in our web...

Black Friday offers also in the weekend

The weather is what it is, black! So lets change the Black Friday to "Black Weekend" and keep our webshop offers available end of the weekendAll products in our webshop are in -5% discount end of the Sunday. We also keep the stock D2 coilovers in -100€ discount!...

Weekie: Castrol or Red Line oils free with all Quaife ATB purchases

Best oil for the best street diff? Deal!Quaife, Red Line and Castrol are brands that dont really need introductions. A wonderful ATB with quality oil is a definite choice for winter.Well the black friday then... 1.) 5 % additional discount on all webshop products. 2.) In our shop, all products on wholesale discounts. 3.) All D2 stock kits -100 €: D2 suspension kits To be clear: Promos can not be combined. The D2 -100€ stock discount on it's own is over 10 % for example.Other news this weekD2 coilover listings wer...

Black friday special #2: All D2 stock coilovers -100 €

All d2 stock coilovers -100 €. The offer is valid for all stock kits. The sets are readily discounted in our webshop, and the offer is valid by all imaginable ways of ordering as long as there are free kits.Being quick is a virtue, so do pop by our shop to celebrate our 10-year birthday as well as an open doors day. We're open until 6PM....